The quality policy of Gebr. Held - everything for the hydraulics - is an essential tool for achieving the corporate objectives.

With our quality management system (QM-System) we want to enhance the confidence of our customers in our services. The target achievement by the principles of quality policy requires engagement, professional competence and individual responsibility of our staff members. The executive management commits itself to sustainable implementing and evaluating the following quality guidelines:


  • Every member of staff is responsible for the quality of his own work and knows the requirements to meet the claimed quality in his area of activity. He has to gather missing information by his superior immediately. We will put our staff members in a position to contribute to our quality objectives by appropriate initial and continuing education and comprehensive information.
  • Complying with existing standards and laws or even outperforming them, the safety of our products and a safe working environment are a substiantal part of our commitment to quality. We increase the quality of our products and services by continous improvements in organizational, operational and technical concerns. Concurrent, we keep our costs low and secure and improve our market position.
  • Our process management is integrated in all procedures and supports an economic, environment-oriented behaviour of all involved persons.
  • We accept our suppliers as our partners and maintain an open and constructive communication.


The challenges of the future require an unchanged high extent of willingness to learn, open-mindedness and flexibility. This equally applies for the staff members, superiors and the executive management. Conversion and renewal are basic elements of a successful future.

Our credo is:
We will continue in having a "healthy growth" in combination with "satisfied customers" through "top quality" at "rewarding work".