Holmatro HFW becomes Held HFW – SINCE 2022

With the takeover of the entire product range, we are joining the long tradition of high-quality foundry wedges from Holmatro.

We design, develop, manufacture and test our tools – Made in Germany – in-house and can thus offer our customers the best service worldwide.

Held Foundry Wedges products are all about the principle that only controlled force can be used effectively. Our many years of experience as a specialist in hydraulics enables us to seek out the boundaries of what is technically possible. This makes our tools lighter, compacter, more durable, and easier to use.

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Quick and easy to use
The wedge blades of the Gebr. HELD foundry wedge are durable and can be replaced very quickly. No tools are needed, only a few simple operations are sufficient to replace the blades within 30 seconds! The pump unit can be activated by means of a push button on top of the tools userfriendly handle. A high number of spreading cycles per minute ensures a high operation speed.

Safe to operate
Gebr. HELD foundry wedges are outstanding in the safety of their operation. Attributes such as a full protection cover and the fact that the tools supports two-handed operation, greatly limit the chances of accidents happening. Another feature is that the tool provides clean predictable cuts, guaranteeing that feeders and risers break in a controlled manner.

During the design stage of the HFW foundry wedge, our engineers emphasised the tool’s ergonomic aspects. The result: wedges implicating that the operator can reach almost any feeder and riser without repositioning the casting. The unique construction of the multi-rotatable wedge goes even further and is very suitable for the positioning in any required direction, including vertically. Both types avoid unnecessary heavy handling. Because the physical burden significantly reduces a more effi cient production process will be the result.