With our filter program we provide a well balanced product range around the filtration:

  • Compressed air filters
  • Return flow filters
  • Offline- and bypass filters
  • Mobile filter systems
  • Replacement filter elements

Our range covers more than 10.000 different filter element types of various well known manufacturers. Our well stocked store guarantees you the possibility of short-term availability of our products and thus contributes to the optimization of  your warehousing. We are thererfore able to react very flexible on your special requests.

Filtration - why?

When using hydraulic systems, good filtration is becoming increasingly important. Reducing contamination in the hydraulic system reduces wear and extends the durability of the equipment. This avoids production downtime and reduces operating costs.
In a new hydraulic system, there are soilings from the outset, shortening the lifetime of the system and its components when the filtration is not sufficient. This so-called original dirt is produced during the production of the components and consists largely of rough particles.
In addition to contamination occuring during operation of the system, for example by abrasion, pollutant particles can also enter when filling the system with hydraulic fluid. The selection of suitable filters contributes significantly to prevent the above-mentioned dangers and thereby ensure cost-effective operation, even after years.

  • Reduction of contaminants
  • Life-time extension
  • Prolonging of maintenance cycles
  • Reducing machine downtimes
  • Reducing environmental impacts

>>cost savings for the operator

Our partner:

Large assortment of different filter types

High-pressure filters for piping construction or control block mounting in hydraulic systems. The high dirt holding capacity ensures long durability.

Glass fibre elements with 4PRO Filter system:

  • longer lifetimes by higher dirt absorption capacitiy
  • better energy efficiency by lower differential pressure
  • very good ß-values in conjunction with a good ß-stability

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